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In 2018, with the help of an amazing group of people Open Eighty leaped into the world in the form of a book. 


There are a couple of meanings within the term open eighty, let me explain...  First, Open Eighty is an idea. Ideas are powerful because ideas have the power to get people moving towards the accomplishment of it. Ideas live on and are built upon; ideas change and become bigger.  The idea of Open Eighty hints that every living human has their share of his or her issues. Stress and issues take shape in our financial and family lives, work and wellness lives etc. Open Eighty believes we all have stuff we deal with and manage in this life. Open Eighty also believes in the resolution or management of this stuff in our lives.  


 In the midst of stressful times, lifes issues can seem infinite. The smallest stresses can feel never ending. Open Eighty believes in freedom from temporary tumultuousness disguised as permanent happenings.  


The book OpenEighty provides 80 original quotes and short stories; stories to support resilience amidst upsetting thoughts and feelings. 


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The New home for Recovery for Life

"Recovery is described as a deeply personal, unique process of changing ones attitudes, values, feelings, goals, skills and/or roles. It is a way of living a satisfying, hopeful and contributing life even with the limitations caused by the illness. Recovery involves the development of a new meaning and purpose in one's life as one grows beyond the catastrophic effects of mental illness." - William A. Anthony